Raw Milk Storage Units

Acorrding to increasing of dairy castle and Raw milk productivity in Sakaeo, Wangnamyen Dairy Cooperative Limited was planning to build The Raw Milk Storage Unit to serve members. In this operation, Mr. TongKok,the first cooperative director, gave his own land of 0.15 hecters to Wangnamyen Dairy Cooperative Limited for the establishment of Dairy Cooperative Office and first Raw Milk Stroage Unit for stocking milk from member. At present, Wangnamyen Diary Cooperative Limited have five raw milk stroage units.
Wangmai Site

Located at Wangnamyen Diary Cooperative Limited 669 Moo 2, Chantaburi-Sakaeo Rd., T.Wangmai, A.Wangsomboon, Sakaeo 27250, Thailand.

Praijit Site

Located at Bansiyakpraijit, T.Wangmai, A.Wangsomboon, Sakaeo 27250, Thailand

Kloonghinpoon Site

Located at Wangnamyen Dairy Cooperative Limited (Kloonghinpoon branch) T.Kloonghinpoon, A.Wangnamyen, Sakaeo 27250, Thailand

Wattananakorn Site

Located at T.Nongtakinbon A.Wattana-Nakorn, Sakaeo 27250, Thailand

Latakin Site

Located at Banlatakin, A. kabinburi, Pracinburi 2500, Thailand

*** At present,We have members 1,198 farms with the production capacity of our fresh milk manufacturing is about 140 tons per day ***